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Karla H - Tutor in Stellenbosch Central

Do you wish it was easier to achieve excellent results with less effort, while making your parents proud? I am here to help you achieve just that. Hi, my name is Karla Hanekom and I am currently a second year Actuarial Science student at Stellenbosch university. I matriculated in 2018 and achieved an aggregate of 94,7%. My philosophy is working smarter, not harder, as I believe in balance. Balancing studying, being active and socializing can be tough; therefore I am here to help lift the burden of wasting valuable time studying re actively. I can help you with Mathematics, Science, Biology, Accounting and German second additional language. I would love to help you achieve excellent marks like I did in matric (Science- 97%, Accounting 97%, etc.). I would love to hear from you and help your flourish!

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Students Home, Public Place, and Online

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Karla will travel 4km from Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

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Karla speaks Afrikaans, German, and English

I am currently a second year Bcom Actuarial Science student at Stellenbosch University. I matriculated in 2018 with an aggregate of 94,7% at Stellenberg High School. I have tutored many of my younger friends during high school, by helping them with Accounting or Mathematics. I also constantly help my matric sister with Physics and Mathematics. I have also tutored Financial Accounting 188 to some of my friends. Furthermore, I have experience in helping people, as I was a gymnastics coach for 4 years, where I learnt how to simplify the explanation of difficult concepts.
2019-02-04 - 2022-11-28
Bcom Actuarial Science - Stellenbosch University

I am currently a second year Bcom Actuarial Science student at Stellenbosch University. I matriculated in 2018 with an aggregate of 94,7% at Stellenberg High School.

Subjects taught
  • Physical Science

    I achieved 97% for Physical Science in matric. I have always loved science, as I find it very interesting, as well as challenging to think about certain concepts in different ways. Although I am not studying Science, I am still helping high school students, like my sister and her friends.

    Karla teaches Physical Science at High School level(s)

  • Mathematics

    I achieved 92% for Mathematics in matric. I have absolutely loved Mathematics since I started school; hence my choice to study Bcom Actuarial Science. I love finding simple ways to teach difficult concepts, as I often had to teach myself the work due to substandard teachers.

    Karla teaches Mathematics at High School level(s)

  • Biology

    I achieved 90% for Biology in matric. I find the human body very fascinating, hence studying Medicine was also an option for tertiary education. I am not currently studying Biology, but I am still very competent in helping students understand the work. I have tutored fellow students.

    Karla teaches Biology at High School level(s)

  • German

    I can teach German second additional language. I love speaking German and constantly speak German to my father and sister. I have been to Germany on an exchange program and have first hand experience of the language. I also have a B1 certificate. I achieved 95% for German Second Additional Language in matric.

    Karla teaches German at High School level(s)

  • Financial Accounting

    I achieved 97% for accounting in matric and therefore due to previous summaries and the excellent foundation of key concepts, I could achieve a high percentage for this module at University level as well. I helped many of my fellow students to study. I also achieved 89% for Financial Accounting 188.

    Karla teaches Financial Accounting at University/College level(s)

  • Accounting

    I love working with numbers and finding simple ways to explain and understand difficult concepts. I have sold over 20 copies of my grade 11 and 12 accounting summaries and I am therefore confident that my summaries and explanations have helped many.

    Karla teaches Accounting at High School level(s)