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Mary B - Tutor in East London

I am a well qualified Maths teacher with loads of experience. I have recently retired and am presently teaching high school maths online. I can teach Gr8 - Gr12 and over the years my students have consistently attained good results. I have an extensive knowledge of the syllabi and exam requirements. I have a reputation for being able to explain clearly. My approach is to help students at their own pace. I will explain topics that they are finding difficult and help them to keep up with classwork and homework. I can also prepare them for tests and exams by doing extra examples with them.

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Mary speaks English

1977-01-01 - 2019-12-31

I have taught for 30 years in various schools. I was at the Diocesan School for Girls in Grahamstown (IEB School) for about 12 years and have been at Cathcart High School (ex Model C school) for the past 12 years. I love teaching and over the years developed strong and positive relationships with my learners.

1973-02-01 - 1975-11-30
B.A. Physical Education - Rhodes University

At university I majored in Maths and Physical Education and I have spent my teaching career almost exclusively teaching Maths.

1991-02-01 - 1992-11-30
Bachelor of Education - UNISA

This is a post graduate teaching degree which highlighted various methods and approaches to teaching Mathematics.

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  • Mathematics

    I enjoy teaching and am able to relate well to students and help them to work at their own pace. I have a lot of experience and a sound knowledge if the curriculum requirements. Over the years my students have consistently attained good results. I have a reputation for being able to "explain well"!

    Mary teaches Mathematics at High School level(s)