Why a Tutor During COVID Makes Sense

COVID has truly been a life-changing time in everyone’s lives. From school attendance and how students learn to working from home and juggling the kids while trying to do conference calls, things have been completely and utterly turned upside down. Managing our adjusted home life with the added pressure of supervising our kids’ studies and academics is not an easy task for any parent. We are feeling the pressure, BIG time, and so are our children, which we sadly sometimes tend to forget. It is not only the lives of adults that have been affected by this new way of life, but children too.

Throughout all this chaos there needs to be a shred of hope and guidance somewhere, right? Right. Enlist the help of a tutor, before your child battles in the same way they did in 2020. “How will a tutor make a difference” you ask? Let me tell you.


1.     Students are pushed to excel

 There is often the misconception that tutors simply “spoon feed” their students and do not help them to learn or think for themselves. This is not true. A tutor has the significant role of enabling your child to think for themselves and to want to learn.

Something that teachers in school simply cannot seem to do and don’t have the time for, what with 30 – 35 kids in a class all demanding attention simultaneously. Tutors have the ability to adapt to each students learning style and work with them on their level. This creates a comfortable and enjoyable work environment, where the student is both happy and engaged in what they are learning.


2.     Social Stimulation

With the constant interruptions in school attendance, online learning and self-study, students are bearing the brunt when it comes to the lack of social interaction. For some this is a blessing, however for the majority this is not ideal as most children need stimulation and time around other people to thrive and feel “normal” on a daily basis. Not being able to go out, play sports, see friends or even go for a walk without feeling the weight of this pandemic has been very tough on children and adults alike. Being able to chat and connect with an outsider on a weekly or daily basis result in some great social and mental stimulation and goes a long way to making students feel more social. 


3.     Confidence building

 One of the biggest downfalls of this pandemic has been the drop in self-confidence that so many students are experiencing when it comes to their studies. They are having to study online and maintain an even more daunting workload, as their teachers are not able to cover the same amount of work through online lessons. However, tests and exams must be written, and students need to pass. The last year has shown an incredible dip in academic performance, as an increasing amount of students are either failing completely or dropping drastically in their results. One-on-one lessons with a private tutor, whether in person or online, has the direct result of a student feeling less pressured and more enabled to tackle their work and feel that they can do it.


4.     Personalized attention

 Every student is different and learns in their own unique way. A private tutor understands this. A tutor has the ability to unlock a student’s specific needs and learning techniques while ensuring that they receive 100% of the tutor’s attention during that session. This cannot, cannot be found within the classroom environment, and even less so with online learning being done at the moment. Tutors also go beyond what is taught in class, thereby expanding your child’s knowledge base and overall learning experience. Students are more likely to want to learn and to want to learn more and broaden their minds and knowledge base.


5.     Maintaining routine and discipline

 If there is one thing that this pandemic has caused, it is a lack of routine and normality. Having a set schedule and timetable for when a tutor comes for lessons, is a bit of a comfort for students, having been tossed around in this last year and not knowing whether they are even going to school or university on a weekly basis. Knowing that your “study buddy” is there to help at a specific time and day provides a sense of comfort and determination to keep going. This also teaches students to think further and manage themselves as they grow older and enter into tertiary education.


6.     A safe space for communication

 One of the biggest fallbacks from this pandemic has been the lack of communication and shutting down emotionally of so many adults and children alike. People have been left feeling alone, anxious about their futures and our country and completely unsettled. This has a serious effect on a student’s performance as well as their communication and ability to speak freely about things. Think about it: you’ve been pulled out of school, your parents are working at home and stressed up to their eyeballs and you are pretty much left to fend for yourself, where previously you had a support system and peers to speak to and share with. Being able to talk to your tutor, who is mindful of what you are going through, and share your fears and feelings is a major advantage and will go a long way to helping students get back some of their previous life during this “new normal” we are currently in.


7.     Ability to keep up with work and not fall behind

 Students are drowning, and I do mean drowning in work. Teachers are flying through curriculums and students are expected to keep up. This is not easy. The help of a tutor means that a student feels supported, encouraged and up to date with their studies. Tutors are able to reteach specific work, re-explain concepts and provide as much attention as their student requires in order to progress at a good pace. As students have been forced into such a vast amount of self-study, the extra help of someone who knows how to plan and manage studies is a great help and imperative when it comes to getting through this time.



8.     Affordable options to suit your budget – COVID has hit many people’s pockets, online cheaper and payment options

 Yes, a tutor does cost money, however it need not break the bank. So very many families have been hit hard by COVID and the misconception with tutoring is that it should cost an arm and a leg. Believe it or not, there are companies out there who don’t charge you the earth and are happy to work out payment plans for their clients. Turtlejar Tutors for instance, provide cheaper rates for online lessons as well as payment plans for lesson packages that still afford clients the discounted rates offered.


The impact a tutor can make on a student’s life, especially at this time, is invaluable and cannot be taken seriously enough. Students of all ages need an extra helping hand and a kind ear and motivational force to keep them on their toes.