The Top 10 Benefits of Private Tutoring:

For the majority of parents, the idea of private tutoring appears to be nothing other than an added expense on top of school and extra mural activities. Why then, are so many turning to the use of a private tutor? The answer is simple: To be at the top of your class you have to make use of every single resource available to you. The assistance of a quality private tutor is perhaps the greatest tool you can have in your study kit.
There are two reasons why a student requires private tuition : They are either struggling to keep up with their school work and their marks have dropped in the past few months; or they are maintaining good grades and wish to excel further. Private tutoring applies to both groups and is equally beneficial to those students who need to lift their marks as well as those who wish to achieve even greater results. Students in grades 10 to 12 often reap the most benefits of private tutoring as they have to prepare for their tertiary education. The results obtained in the last 2 years of high school have a direct correlation when it comes to University applications.

Here are the top 10 benefits of tutoring services that are well worth your time to consider:


1. Personal Tuition:

Each student is afforded the type of personalized attention that simply cannot be found in schools. Working with a private home tutor will afford you the assurance that your tutors’ focus is entirely on what you are struggling with. This enables the tutor to get to the core difficulties far quicker than when in a classroom. Foundations of work that have not been correctly explained and thus not wholly implemented may be returned to and re-explained. This encourages a student to understand exactly what they are learning and will begin to feel more relaxed and confident as they recognise their own progress.


2. Become the master of your own study techniques:

One of the great benefits of a tutor is that they are educated, enthusiastic and experienced. These three attributes will be to your advantage as your tutor is able to impart wisdom and skills that will boost your studies and results. Your private tutor whether it be a Mathematics tutor or English tutor, can show you how to practice better time management, ordering of work and how to answer questions in the best way possible. As so many students lack in their ability to answer questions in the correct format, the aid of a tutor will significantly improve and fine tune these and many other issues.

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3. Positive work Environment:

Teaching has become a highly stressful form of employment and the passion that was initially there, is lost as the pressure of marking, deadlines, planning as well as teaching many subjects seriously curbs a teachers’ enthusiasm for their work. How can students be expected to get excited about what they are learning when subjects are being taught in a harried manner? One of the benefits of tutoring is that each tutor has a love for what they teach and a desire to help others grow within themselves. Private lessons will open your mind to knowledge in a way far superior to that of regular schooling. An individual who is truly excited about the subject they teach has a stronger impact on your learning, as subjects that were once dull and taught in one single, monotonous way, are now given new light and found to be interesting.


4. Increased Self Confidence:

We all want to do well at school and have a positive experience throughout our fundamental years of education. However, this is sadly not always the case. An astounding number of students are battling with their studies and thus battling with their self esteem. Underperforming in school leaves students feeling inadequate in the classroom and with their friends. A lack of self confidence more often than not spills over into other areas of a student’s life as there is a constant reminder of the battle that schoolwork has become. Most students do not feel entirely comfortable asking questions in class as they fear what their peers may think of them. Thus, issues are left unanswered and this spirals into further stress and dismay when tests and exams are looming. Being able to boost one’s self-esteem is of key importance and one of our top benefits of private tutoring.


5. Best Tutor Match:

One of the major benefits of tutoring services is the choice of tutor. At school students do not have a choice as to who they are taught by and this can seriously impact on their results as well as their personal experience within the classroom. A large amount of students perform poorly in certain subjects due to personality clashes with teachers, which has a direct negative impact on their work. When selecting a private tutor, you have the choice of who you want to work with. As tutors are passionate about what they do it is easy to find the tutor best suited to your needs. By working with someone you genuinely get along with, work becomes less of a chore and more of a mutual bonding experience. The tutor is able to understand the students’ needs and offer constant positive reinforcement.


6. Improved Test & Exam Scores:

A private tutor can provide a student with the edge over their peers when preparing for tests and exams. Private tuition enables students to work smarter and achieve more in a shorter space of time. With a private tutor to guide them, students are able to work on specific problem areas and correct them far quicker than when struggling by themselves. A tutor will work at building strengths and tackling weaknesses well in time for tests and exams. For those students who require intense practice, a tutor will ensure that enough work is covered and revisited to address problem areas.

Private tutors work with students through previous exam papers and provide helpful tips and tricks for eliminating difficulties and stumbling blocks in exam papers. A student’s marks will improve momentously when working with a private tutor and they will no longer feel inadequate next to their peers. This can also be the essential boost required to be accepted to the tertiary institution of one’s choice.


7. Peace of Mind for Parents:

With the hectic schedules that parents have it is often extremely difficult to make the time to help their children with homework and test preparation. Even when one can find the time to assist your child, they have usually had a long day with extra mural activities and it just does not seem possible to concentrate after 8pm at night. This, more often than not, results in an argument between parent and child and leaves the parent feeling guilty. The best thing that one can do is ensure that their child’s school work is afforded the attention it deserves. Rest assured as the benefits of private tutoring work with your schedule and enable your child to work in a highly effective manner that will give your family time to relax and enjoy each other in the evenings.


8. Freedom to Ask Questions:

As the classroom is so competitive, students do not feel comfortable to ask questions in front of their peers. They fear ridicule as well as underperforming alongside their friends. Private tuition creates freedom to ask questions, big or small, as students feel they are in a safe environment. A private tutor will understand exactly what the student is trying to grasp and provide them the support they need, without feeling embarrassed or self conscious.


9. Promotes Responsibility:

With the help of a private tutor, students will learn to take responsibility for their studies through realizing their own personal growth. As their marks start to improve students recognize their own individual skill set and feel motivated to continue with their hard work. As their dedication and commitment becomes evident students begin to comprehend the importance of applying themselves. This is a very important attribute for young adults to develop for their futures.


10. Continuous Feedback:

Parent – teacher meetings are usually once a term, if that often. The 10 – 15minutes that parents are given to sit down with their child’s teacher is simply not long enough to discuss important issues that are vital to academic performance. A private tutor will provide continuous feedback as the student progresses. Not only is there a constant open flow of communication, but a tutor will be completely honest with their opinion. Direct communication is so important as parents should be kept in the know about their child’s success as well as struggles, in order for them to help their children grow. Through the benefits of a private tutor, a positive rappor is built between the tutor and student. The tutor will also foresee serious problems and alert parents before there is cause for serious concern.


There are a myriad of reasons why private tuition has become such a key element to students’ education. When preparing for University alone, a private tutor can make the world of difference to a student’s marks and confidence. We have named only the top 10 benefits of tutoring to ensure your child’s success.

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