The 7 Signs that Your child is in need of extra lessons

Screaming, begging and nagging at 10 o’clock at night because your child has still not done their homework? Threatening turning into bribing as you just about sell your car to your teenager if they will only sit down and finish their assignments so that you can all settle and go to sleep. Sound familiar? This scene is the norm in a great deal of households as parents are in a constant struggle with their children when it comes to academics. As parents, you cannot be expected to keep up with the current curriculums that your children are faced with, while maintaining your household and career. Here are 7 signs that your child could seriously benefit from added help of a tutoring company.


  1. Marks start to slip:

This may start very slowly, as one poor test result leads to another and then yet another. If your child usually gets good grades at school and is suddenly bringing home bad results it’s the first warning sign that all is not right. The work load and content could be difficult or the teacher might be a tad scary, whatever the reason may be, poor results affect your child’s marks and ultimately their sense of self worth as they feel ashamed of their performance.


  1. Homework has become a Battlefield:

If doing homework has become a war zone in your household, perhaps it’s time to call in a professional. Understandably, there are simply those students who do not pull their weight. But, if your child has become negative, ill tempered and is showing anger towards having to do their work, then this situation requires the proper attention.


  1. Avoiding School:

Should you usually positive and upbeat child start to feign illness or ask to      stay off school, you have got to ask yourself why? When students start to perform poorly at school they tend to want to avoid it altogether, and thus avoid having to feel embarrassed about their grades.


  1. Homework & Tasks are taking too long:

School assignments should only take up too much time and usually come along with practical guidelines as to how much time should be spent completing them. If your child is taking much too long to complete work, it may be due to the fact that they have fallen behind in the classroom and are unsure of how to tackle a specific task. Poor test results can also lead to a lack of motivation when it comes to work at home.


  1. Behaviour changes at home:

Has your child started to exhibit unusual behaviours at home, such as frustration at the slightest problem or tearfulness for silly things? Have they become clingy or are they pulling away and quieter than usual? These signs, amongst others, could be your child’s way of crying out for help, as they may feel great unhappiness and stress during their school day. Think about it this way: your child spends the majority of their day at school. If they are coming home miserable there has to be a good reason for it.


  1. Refusing Help:

If your attempts at helping your child to study for a test or finish their assignments are being met with contempt and refusal to accept help, then you need to sit up and take note. Children who refuse help from their parents are, more often than not, too embarrassed by the fact that they are struggling to directly ask for assistance.


  1. Study, study, study but no Result:

Students who spend ages preparing, but still don’t achieve better grades are clearly battling with the actual material and scope of work. Your child may be slaving away behind their desks, night after night, only to bomb out after every test. Students need help in order to maintain the grades required for eventual acceptance into Universities and Tertiary studies. They should be afforded the opportunity from a young age to receive the guidance necessary so that they know how to study in the correct way and how to apply themselves to each subject.