10 Cool New Lessons to Learn

Life is about new adventures and learning new things throughout your journey, right? Right. But, where to start? Where to find the inspiration for those exciting new challenges that will keep you motivated and energized to try new things? Read on as I share with you some truly cool activities to add some fun, flavour and finesse to your everyday life.


1.     Self-Defense

I’ve put this one first for a reason. We should all know how to protect ourselves, and our loved ones, if heaven forbid the need arises.  Self-defense classes are not only informative and important, but also a great deal of fun, especially if you do them in a group or as a family. Lessons can be done in your own home with an instructor or at a studio with other students ready to kick some serious butt!


2.      Cooking Lessons

Sure, you can boil an egg and throw together some good     old spaghetti bolognaise, but can you whip up a perfect chocolate fondant for that special someone? Does your partner have the skills to create a mouthwatering meal for two? Cooking classes are interactive, loads of fun and best of all you get to enjoy what you’ve made (usually with a glass of vino) after you’re done cooking.


3.     Music Lessons

Always wanted to play guitar or rock out on the drums? Make that dream a reality with some private music lessons. Whether you’re a gifted singer or would love to learn to play the violin, there are so many avenues out there for you to explore your musical side. From private teachers and tutors to reputable tutoring companies, such as Turtlejar, with experienced and professionally trained music coaches, your creativity is waiting to be unleashed. Music lessons are a great way to relax the mind.


4.     CPR Lessons

This is a MUST for anyone and everyone as it is never too early to learn how to do CPR. The skill to perform CPR is something that, in my opinion, no parent should be without. Contact private instructors, your local hospital or clinic and find out today how you can save someone’s life tomorrow.


5.     Learn a new Language

As children we soak up a new language like sponges. Why have we stopped doing so in our adult years? Fancy yourself a suave Spanish speaker or a fluent Frenchman? Book your language lessons through a private tutoring agency, such as Turtlejar Tutors or with an online teacher and start the journey to loving a foreign language now.


6.     Take up a New Sport

Always wanted to hit a hole in one or surf those early morning waves? Name a sport and there is a coach or a program out there waiting for you to get on board! There’s nothing quite like getting that good old adrenaline pumping to put you in a good mood and lift your spirits.


7.     Swimming Lessons

Young or old, toddler or teenager, knowing how to swim is something that should be on everyone’s to do list. From doggy paddle to butterfly, finding a swimming school with a great coach is easier than ever as there are so many around. So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in!


8.     Martial Arts Lessons

Whether you want to chop wooden boards in half or simply get super fit while mastering a new skill, there are many forms of martial arts to choose from for you to enjoy. From Karate to Judo and many more, the ancient teachings of martial arts are a great discipline to delve into.


9.     Learn to Meditate

This is perhaps one of the best skills you can add to your repertoire, as meditation can improve every aspect of your life. Meditation will teach you breathing techniques, how to center yourself after a stressful day and to block out the noise of the outside world around you in order to take in and appreciate your life.


10. DIY Lessons

Always wanted to put up your own shelves or build a tree house for the kids? Want to make your own stained glass artwork or take professional looking photographs? With the incredible access we have right at our fingertips, there is literally nothing you cannot find on YouTube or Google today.

Take that step. Start something new and get cracking on your own list of lessons that you would like to learn.