Side Hustles: The new way of making money

Unemployment has reached its peak in South Africa and factors such as COVID, looting and protesting have put a huge strain on our country’s economy. These are very uncertain times for a lot of people, not knowing what will happen or what the future will bring.

Yet, many people think outside of the box when it comes to making an extra buck or two. People have used their creativity and innovation to think of new side hustles that can help them boost their income and bring more stability into their life. A side hustle can be almost anything you want it to be, with the outcome in mind of making an extra income.

These are the top 6 side hustles anyone can do, anywhere and anytime.


1)    Start a blog

Got any life advice you'd like to share? Well, start a blog. Many people around the world are looking for writers who will share their stories, advice, knowledge and experiences, hoping to learn from these blogs and benefit from them. If you have the writing skills and time to post something every day that will put value into the world, then a blog is a great way of making a passive income over time.


2)    Use your hobbies and interests

Having a hobby is not just important for your own personal development, but it can make you a little extra money on the side. Many people have used their hobbies, such as baking, writing and training, to create their own personal small businesses. If you love baking, create a bakery from your kitchen. If fitness is your passion, become a personal trainer! The limits are endless when it comes to making your hobby an income.


3)    Take online surveys

Who knew that taking five minutes out of your day to fill in a survey, can make you some serious cash! Brands all across the world are looking for people to give their opinions and ideas on different topics and products. This is how they adjust their products and services to make it more appealing to potential customers. You can do this before your online classes start, during your lunch break and even before you turn in for the night. There are various online, authorized and safe surveying sites that will pay you some extra cash, just for being honest. 


4)    Become a translator

Many people have a passion for learning new languages, and now they can use that passion to make some extra money. With South Africa having 11 official languages, there are endless opportunities to become a translator. This is something that you can do on your own time and build up some experience. The longer you work as a translator, the more you can charge. This is the perfect side hustle for anyone looking to work with languages in their spare time.


5)    Forex Trading

Trading on shares and stock markets have never been more popular and easier to do. If you love to monitor the business world and their markets, then this is the perfect side hustle for you. Trading is easy to start, by only needing a small capital to begin with, which means anyone can join trading if they know how the markets work. Trading is even more convenient due to the various apps created specifically for those wanting to trade. It’s a side hustle that is easy to monitor in the comfort of your own home, 24/7. If you play your markets right, you can make some serious extra cash.


6)    Tutoring

Tutoring has blown up in the past few years, especially with online tutoring due to the global pandemic. Parents and students alike are reaching out more and more to those willing to teach others in their fields of expertise. Whether you are great at maths, physics, languages or even music, you can create a name for yourself by reaching out and tutoring others. Many companies, such as Turtlejar Tutors, are allowing people to make an extra income by teaching others what they're good at. It’s a simple process to become a tutor, with the possibility to grow your own skills and make an income as well.

We hope these ideas have sparked something inside and gotten you excited to get your own thing started!