Top 7 Tips on how to make money as a Student

Gone are the days of the proverbial lemonade stand and mowing the lawn for your neighbors. Students have busy schedules and loads to focus on, but still need some time out to be social and enjoy themselves. How do we do this when the old parental ATM is no longer so accommodating? Here are our best methods on how to make money as a student.


1. Waiter:

This tried and trusted option has stood the test of time as the majority of students work at various coffee shops, restaurants and cafes all around campus. The managers are also flexible and understanding to student schedules, so you may work around your class times. Visit the job section on sites such as Gumtree or go directly to the website of that trendy coffee shop you love and send your application.


2. Sell Online:

Do you have some hidden talent or are your friends always hounding you to make specific items for them? Start taking pics, build a basic 1 page website or approach other sites to advertise your goods and sell, sell, sell. Should you have some fancy nick knack that you feel could make you some money, go for it. You never know, your product could go viral.


3. House Sit:

There are plenty of people out there who like the peace of mind that their house is being taken care of while they are away, so why not put your feet up, catch a tan and water a plant or two while earning some good money. There are numerous websites that you can advertise your services such as Trusted House Sitters.


4. Tutor:

What better way to earn money than by helping others? If you are especially good at a certain subject, sport or musical instrument why not share it with those who could use the guidance, while lining your pocket. Visit trusted tutoring websites such as Turtlejar and apply online to work as a tutor. The hours are flexible, materials are supplied and the pay is well worth your time.


5. Work in Sales:

If you are convincing, charming and can sell the pants off anything, then this is for you. Approach local businesses and work as a brand ambassador, hand out flyers or conduct customer surveys to boost company sales. This may add some colour to your resume as well as build some good relationships with possible future opportunities.


6. Social Marketing Research:

Put those hours you spend on Facebook and Twitter to good use and consider entering into the world of market research. Websites employ freelancers to assist with their social media marketing efforts. Click on the specific job site you are thinking of and head for their “marketing” or “media” section and send your CV now.


7. Take Photos:

Are you the ultimate “selfie” professional? Why not turn your constant photo taking into an actual income. There are tons of sites out there such as Bootstrapbay or Shutterstock who are always searching for new talent.


We hope these ideas get your butt off the couch and heading out the door in search of extra spending money, while gaining some new skills and enriching experiences.