How Learners Can Create Good Study Habits

Many students see a new term as a new start in their educational journey. This is the chance for students to learn from their previous school days and take on newer and healthier study habits that will improve their education and teach them how to stay on top of things in the long term.

Whether it’s a lack of confidence or concentration, fear of failure or unexplained anxiety, these next few tips will help students to create lasting healthy habits and have them smiling with the idea of “new term, new me!”.


1)    Find out what works for you

 School and learning are never the same for anyone. Some are born with the ability to retain new information, while others need to put in more effort to stick the new information into their heads. Taking the time to sit and see what works for you is crucial in creating a healthy study habit. Finding a rhythm will improve your memory, focus and motivation to learn as much as possible. Whether it's using colorful pens, creating flashcards, or simply reading out loud, there are many study methods that will work well for you. There is no harm in trying everything until you find your perfect match.


2)    Reduce your screen time

 Scrolling through social media and tweeting about the latest gossip will have to wait. It is important to realize that studying and relaxing will both need their designated times. Committing to a set study time will make you more focused and will motivate you to work for that well deserved break. Putting the TV off and locking your phone away, just for a while, will remove any distractions in order for you to concentrate as much as you can on the task at hand. Taking time away from the hustle and bustle of social media will have many positive effects, especially on your schoolwork.


3)     Find a safe place to study

 Students need a space where they can feel safe and have the peace and quiet needed to focus on their schoolwork. Take time and have a look around the house. Find a space with lots of natural light, good airflow, and efficient writing space. And make it your own! Decorate the space with colours, plants or really anything you want. Having a designated studying space will help you get into the right mindset to take some time and work on those mathematical questions you’ve been trying to master. 


4)    Keep a list of all your tests and assignments

 Checklists are your new best friend. Having multiple subjects with different tests, assignments, and homework for each one can confuse anyone. Create a habit of making a checklist for every subject. Writing down what should be done by when will help you to keep track of what you have completed and what needs to be done. This will help you to stay on top of things and keep your school life as organized as possible.


5)    Join different study groups

 Who said studying doesn’t have to be fun? Many times, students feel like they work better in groups. Having people around to guide and motivate you through those difficult subjects can be a great way to study and get ahead of your work. Remember, it’s still your designated study time! Find people who are there for their education and want to spend the time working and not fooling around. Study groups are about teamwork and helping each other to understand and grasp difficult concepts. Finding the right study group can benefit your education in so many ways.


6)    Remember to breath and relax

 Hard work does pay off, but taking a well-deserved rest is also crucial in building healthy study habits. Remember, there has to be a balance between taking care of your education and taking care of yourself. Taking breaks in between studying, whether it's for food, walking or even just suiting outside in the sun, can help you to relax and get some energy back into you. It’s important to keep your body and mind well rested in order to thrive in your studies.


Studying and schoolwork (between sport, family and friends) has never been anyone’s cup of tea. That is why it is important to create healthy study habits that will not only improve your education but will improve your quality of life as well. And if you feel like all hope is lost, remember it’s never too late to start fresh!