Homework Tips - How to turn an Enemy into an Ally

Homework.. the word alone can make any student yawn from boredom. Homework is seen as a chore, and after a long day of school surrounded by books, teachers and quizzes, many students don’t want to even think of it when they get home. Yet, homework is a great way to revise your current work and what can you say, practice makes perfect. That’s why it's important to change the way we see homework and turn it into something positive.

And so, here are a few tips on how to make homework less stressful, and most importantly, not a chore.

1) Keep an organized schedule

Having multiple subjects to work on can make things a bit confusing sometimes. Some tasks are quick and some might take days to work on. That’s why it is important to create an agenda where you can plan your day ahead and allocate your time accordingly to each subject. Don’t try to remember everything in your head. Seeing an agenda written in front of you will take away the stress of remembering every single task you need to complete.


2) Create your own working space

 Some are capable of working anywhere and anytime, while others feel more comfortable with a dedicated working space. If you are someone who likes things planned out and more organized, finding a spot where you can work freely without any distractions can be a big benefit. Having a space that is your own is important, as this is where you will feel most encouraged and productive to work on your daily tasks. Make the space your own by filling it with books, a few decorations and even some soft music. This is your space, so be creative and enjoy where you work.


3) Organize your materials

Another huge cause of homework anxiety is having to deal with misplaced notes and books. This might make you feel less productive and discouraged to start working. That is why it’s important to have designated files to keep your notes and assignments safe. You can even have a little fun by colour coding your different subjects to your different files. Not only do you save time by having all your papers in one file, but being organized and having all of your essentials in front of you before you start working will help the whole process go more smoothly.


4) Don’t procrastinate

Every student knows that procrastination is never a good thing. It's a difficult thing to avoid, but starting on your homework and assignments early can help you avoid stress and anxiety. When you receive homework, have a look and plan ahead how long it will take you to complete. This will allow you to complete the homework thoroughly without having to rush anything. Allocating your time to work and relax is important in having a balanced lifestyle and this will also help you in the long run when it comes to studying at a college or University and you really need to be on top of things.


5) Work with a tutor

There is absolutely no shame in getting help from a friend, family member or even a qualified tutor. Some subjects may be more difficult than others, and it might make you feel overwhelmed when things get too difficult to understand. Even the best of the best needs a helping hand from time to time. And that is why, before the work gets too much, find someone qualified or who you can trust to guide you in the right direction. Working with a tutor can help you to fill the fundamental gaps and to revise work that was previously unclear. This can erase a lot of stress and can help you to build a better foundation for your journey ahead. 

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