Online Education, The new way of learning

A lot has happened in the past two years. A global pandemic struck the earth and our normal everyday routine flew right out the window. For many parents and students alike, this brought on the huge challenge to reinvent the way they learn on a daily basis. Thankfully, we have something called technology!


What is online learning?

Online learning is an approach used by the education industry where teachers and students follow a structured curriculum programme using information technology aided by the internet (Rumnund-Mansingh, Souls and Reddy, 2020) Students no longer need to be physically present in the classroom, instead teachers and lectures alike use various online platforms to help their students to further their education.


What are the benefits of online learning?

Online learning has drastically changed in the past few years. Being physically present in a classroom has become a challenge to many, yet with the rise in the use of everyday technology and the internet becoming more accessible each day, online learning has revolutionised the education industry (, 2021). Online teaching has proven to help many, giving students the opportunity to continue with their studies, despite various circumstances such as COVID-19. Many schools and universities alike have worked hard on creating a digital platform, such as apps and online student portals, where students can continue on with their curriculums.

Online teaching is accessible, allowing students to access their lesson plans at any location and at any time. Whether it be your house, a coffee shop or even the local library, students can find a comfortable space where they can continue on with their education, setting them at ease knowing they are not missing out on any of their study materials (Gautam, 2020). Teachers get the opportunity to think outside the box as well. They can use technology to their advantage, moving away from their traditional methods of using a textbook and using other media options such as videos and podcasts to make learning a bit more exciting, keeping the children more interacted with the lesson plan.


What is the future of online learning?

Online learning has always been in the background, yet over the last few years, companies, universities and schools alike have adapted to modern trends and global catastrophes to bring new light into the world of online education. Due to its convenience, low cost and accessibility, online learning has been enthusiastically adopted by many as the new way of teaching (Kumar, 2020).

Companies have used eLearning as the new way of furthering their employees’ careers, hosting various training sessions where employees from various locations can join in, benefitting many to improve upon their skills and knowledge. Online training sessions can help employees to further their careers on their own time while allowing them to balance their work and life schedules because of the convenience of eLearning.

Universities are offering more and more online courses as well. They realise that a large amount of students want to join a certain course, but are sometimes prohibited due to their location or that the classroom just doesn't physically allow too many students to take a certain class (Kumar, 2020). Online learning allows more students to do the course they have been dreaming about, where some online courses can allow an unlimited number of students to join in on the opportunity. Online learning also allows the students to learn at their own pace, eliminating some stress factors that would have been present in a scheduled classroom.


How can we as Turtlejar Tutors help?

The good news is we as Turtlejar Tutors have adapted as well! We know that many people want to stay safe during this uneasy time, preferring to work from the comfort of their own homes. And we understand this. We have introduced the option for our clients to choose online lessons, where the students will still be benefited, even if the tutor is not physically there.

Our tutors are experts in their fields, having the knowledge and experience to teach on any online platform. Our tutors make it their goal to make the online sessions feel like the real deal, keeping the energy up beat and the lessons interactive. We still keep our online lessons one-on-one, knowing our client’s satisfaction and happiness is our top priority. And the process is so simple, anyone can have online lessons.

Initially, an available tutor will contact you, finding out what exactly you need help with and what your preferred online platform is for learning e.g. Zoom, Personalised Learning Space, Microsoft Teams. After that, you will tell the tutor at what date and time you want the lesson and then, boom, you are on your way to mastering your subject!

We are here to help, anywhere, anytime and with anything. You will never be disappointed.

Written by: Izana Coetzee