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Wood Boring Beetles infestations spell bad news for us that have wood in and outside of our properties. These woodworms are at the larval stage of an insects life and make wood their feeding ground. Some known species to wood borer pest control experts include the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum), House Longhorn Beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus), Powder Post Beetle (Lyctus brunneus), Bamboo Borer (Dinoderus Minutus), Bark Borer (Ernobius Mollis), Deathwatch Beetle (Xestobium Rufovillosum), Wharfborer (Nacerdes Malamura) and the Wood Boring Weevil (Euophryum Sp). These little pests usually make their home outside between trees and other timber but definately have a knack of exploring homes with wood can inflict allot of damage to wooding floors, doors, wooden structures, furniture and more. The financial cost can be devastating to some. Any signs of wood birer, you should call a professional wood borer control expert that will provide a custom treatment for you. Keep your timber alive with a specialist wood borer treamtnet expert. Our Wood Borer Treatment Services are available in all parts of South Africa inclduing Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East Lodnon and more.

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We cover all Wood Borer species whether you are in residential, commercial, industrial, schools, hotels or farming.

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We provide multiple ways in which to get rid of Wood Borers (all species) in homes, guest houses, offices, restaurants, businesses and more. We also provide tips to keep them at bay.

How to get rid of Wood Borers?

Wood Borers can cause devastating damage to your precious wood and structures and so we have specialized treatments to take care of these little wood eaters. We can provide Water Based Treatment which is safe for the chidlren, pets and family, We also provide a fumigation service which eliminates and eradicates all stages of the wood borers stages. Then last is the Heat Treatment which is very effective and also very safe for the environment..

Wood Borer Beetle Control Prices & Costs

Our transparent Wood Borer Beetle control prices are affordable and transparent. Prices are dependant on the size of property and how what area of the property needs to be treated for Wood Borers. Also there are multiple kinds of Wood Borer treatment to choose from varying from 1 month to 3 month Wood Borer treatments. Our Wood Borer removal prices are super quick and will send it over to you via email or phone, whichever you prefer.

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