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Wasp Infestations and Nests can be a very worrying sign for you, your family and business. They pack a painful sting but unlike bees, they can sting multiple times without dying. Wasp nests can be in the strangest of places sometimes and therfore if you spot a wasp, have a look around in your washing line, window sills, trees, your roof and door frames. Wasps are Insects that hunt other insects like spiders, millipedes, caterpillars, ants, bees and flies. All of which are common in our Cape Town households. Our Wasp Nest Removal Company will effectively treat the wasp infestation with eco friendly pesticides ensuring the safety of your family and pets. We are available in parts of South Africa inclduing Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East Lodnon and more.

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Wasp Exterminator & Fumigation Tips

We provide multiple ways in which to get rid of Wasps (all species) in homes, guest houses, offices, businesses and more. We also provide tips to keep them at bay.

Wasp Nest Removal & Treatment

We never suggest to try remove a wasp nest on your own or without a professional wasp nest removal company. When trying to remove the nest and the insects inside it, the wasps become increasingly aggressive as you are threatening their space. Protective instincts kick in and will usually go on the sting. When we talk about wasp nest removal, you first use wasp treatment in order to eradicate the wasps and the threat of them attacking. Only once is it secure and eradicated, we can begin to remove the wasp nest.

Wasp Removal Prices & Costs

Our transparent wasp control prices are affordable and transparent. Prices are dependant on how infested the space is, how many wasp nests and how accessible is the wasp nests. Our Wasp Exterminator will do follow up visists to guarantee total eradication and removal of the wasps. Our wasp fumigation prices are super quick and will send it over to you via email or phone, whichever you prefer.

Wasp Preventative & Control Methods

Wasp prevention is much better than eradicating the wasps so we will discuss some was prevention tips to ensure no un welcome flying guests come and make your home their home. Keep you bins that are outside tightly sealed so no wasps can get in our out or go looking for food. Keep your windows and doors shut if you live close to a golf course or forest. Go looking for wasp nests in your area as if there are some in the area, you can be sure that there will be more and your place might be next.

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