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Mahomed A

Prospect Hall

Mahomed A

Prospect Hall, Durban North

I have always been amazed at the human body and its contents and have always felt that a career in the medical field is ideally suited for me. Pharmacy, analyses infectious diseases, illnesses as well as sicknesses of the human body from the microbiological causation, to the pathological (including patho-morphologic, patho-histologic as well as patho-physiologic) changes, to the prognosis and diagnosis and thereafter encompasses the intervention via procedures such as medication administration, patient counseling and providing vaccinations for possible disease eradication. The beauty of pharmacy is such that it entails more to me since it involves also the art of microscopically viewing a piece of matter, before sending it for pre-formulation studies in a strive to manufacture a safe, effective and least toxic formulation dosage form design to get into the human body prior to viewing the drug pharmacokinetically and pharmacodynamically. Therefore, it really stimulates my interests as it creates an image in my mind of the journey needed to be undertaken by a drug before looking at what it actually does in the human body at a moleculer level. It also allows me to view drugs more closely in aspects such as excretion and elimination rate which are all crucial to pay attention to, especially in patient monitoring. I have many desires in the field of pharmacy which I hope to carry out in the future, one of them being to practice the profession of a clinical pharmacist/pharmacist assistant by first making use of the social, psychological as well as cognitive skills required by the health care professional and by thereafter bringing in all the other major tasks such as treatment and patient management as well as follow up. By doing this, there would be an aid in making my diagnosis due to an increase in patient compliance and therefore, the overall desired outcome would most probably be favoured, for the betterment of the patient’s health and well being. As the subject pharmaceutics is also a major unique component of the degree, I also have intentions of trying to possibly invent or make adjustments to dosage form designs for paediatric as well as geriatric patients, who I feel are sometimes not adequately payed attention to, in everyday pharmaceutical practice of today. I therefore intend to fulfill my most valuable goal and objective in life i.e. providing the best possible pharmaceutical care to the community around me along with a continuos strive for improvement for all.

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