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Mmakgomo Refiloe R

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Sales and marketing,Volunteer tutoring,Business Management,Economics,English skills

My name is Mmakgomo Refiloe Ramafalo, born in 1988 on the 23rd of December. I completed my matric at Malvern High School in 2006, studied a certificate in Marketing Management in 2007. In 2008, I studied Bcom in Marketing and Business Management of which I graduated in 2010. During and after graduating I got a chance to work for various companies such as Midnight Oil Marketing Company, Dial-a-student and the South African Post Office. I am a perfectionist by heart, who likes to get her job done on time, quick and accurate to the detail. My greatest weakness is “I like to handle my own work”, however I realized if I tolerate people to handle my work, we can make progress- besides, no one can bring a company to greater heights on their own. My strengths and attributes gave me a direction on which career suits me best. During my studies, I have come to realize I couldn’t have chosen a better qualification for myself. I have strong communication (both verbal and written), presentation and interpersonal skills. I can work both individually and as a team player. I am result-driven, have much interest in people and customer service. I am very creative and think outside the box, not to mention I can work extended hours under lots of pressure. My unfortunate background has been motivation enough to push me to study and make something of myself. Growing up living in the back rooms in somebody else’s yard, with an unemployed father, and my mother who was a care worker and the only bread-winner, only made me goal-orientated. Financially, I had it rough. My mother barely affording my fees and struggled to put me through tertiary, I was not about to disappoint her or myself. I am a strong woman, a dreamer and destined for success. Being under-privileged, black and female wasn’t going to be my excuse for not working hard towards success. I am smart and intelligent, persuasive and skilled, and can achieve anything I put my mind to, and will not stop until I get my foot into a reputable and stable company as this one. I am looking forward to studying towards Masters in Commerce specializing in Business Management in 2018 at UJ as I have already been provisionally accepted, and completing it by 2020. My long term goal is to be head of a marketing/business department in the near future. With lots of hard work and determination, ambition and mentoring, I see no excuse why I cannot achieve all of that.

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