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Our Rat Pest Control service is vital for Homes, businesses, Retail, Food Companies, Industrial and Commercial spots becuase of the potential dieseases they pass to us humans. Rat infestaions can very quickly spread if not treated immediately. Our Rodent Rat Exterminators are experts in inspecting and identifying the source of a rat infestation. These little un-welcome guests can damage your home and business property. They can do this by chewing threw floors and walls, insulation, chewing electrical wires and even have a chomp on you. The three very common rats we get in Cape Town are the Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus), the Black Rat (Rattus rattus) and the House Mouse (Mus domesticus). All three are very well known to easily make themselves a part of our human lives. Rats are talented and fast breeders which is cause for concern if you have children and pets due to the severity of diseases the rats carry. We also provide preventative fumigation measures for Rat Infestations through setting Baits and Traps regularly in order to keep them at bay. We are available in parts of South Africa inclduing Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East Lodnon and more.

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Rat Exterminator & Fumigation Tips

We provide multiple ways in which to get rid of rats (all species) in homes, guest houses, offices, businesses and more. We also provide tips to keep them at bay.

Rat Infestation Signs & Symptoms

First Sign of Rats or Rat Infestations should sounds some alarm bells due to the amount of diseases these rodents carry. You might not see allot of them as they are nocturnal rodents and therefore do allot of the damage in the night. Some signs you have a rat pest infestion will include: Rat Droppings that are found grouped together. Scratching Noises in the roof, floors, walls and cupboards. These scratching could be their teeth or claws depending on if its the Brown or Black Rat. Rat Holes are very common with brown rats as they dig for some shelter. Rat Nests are usually in plaaces where you would have to intentionally look for.

Rat Control Prices & Costs

Our transparent rat control prices are affordable and transparent. Prices are dependant on the kind of treatment you would like, how infested your place is, the size of rat infestation and a few other dependancies such as damage already done. The amount of rat traps and treatment will totally depend on the infestation size. Our Exterminator will do follow up visits to guarantee total eradication and removal of the rats. Our rat fumigation prices are super quick and will send it over to you via email or phone, whichever you prefer. There are some DIY Removal methods that will cost you less however these almost never tacke the entire nest and removal of rats.

How to get rid of Rats?

Our Professional Rat Exterminators are trained to completely eradicate rats on your premises whether that be Residential, Commercial or Business. We use the latest Rat Bait and Treatment Methods for total rat removal. Some Do it Yourself methods inlcude: Cats. They love to hunt rats in their spare time. Liquid Rat Repellent you can find over the counter, Its a great way to deter rats as they are not fond of the scent. Hig Frequency Sound Devices which cause the rats to go mad and are forced to vacate. If all else fails, give us a call and we will exterminate them for the long term.

Preventative & Control Methods

If you find signs of a rat infestation, you need to act quick. Start by doing the basics by keeping all you food tightly sealed and packed away, the rats are attracted to all food within smelling range. Make sure to clean your house and garden as to remove places for them to hide away. Make sure to keep your pet food well hidden and sealed. And then also make sure your garden is well kept with no lumps of soil that they can burrow in. Next thing will be to make sure to fully proof your homes small entrances such as Drains, Roofs, Gaps in walls, Cupboards and anywhere that they migh be able to get in. These are just a few prevantive methods you can use however we do suggest hiring a professional rat pest control company to regulary exterminate.

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