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The Turtlejar Pest Control team in Southern Suburbs provides household residents, commercial business owners & resturants, general businesses and industrial factories a peace of mind eco-friendly pest control service that is available in Southern Suburbs and surrounding areas. Our professionaly trained pest control & fumigation technicians have experience in all pests known to Southern Suburbs and have been working in the area for a lengthy period of time. Our Southern Suburbs pest control specialists have experience in many pest removal services and treatments including Termites, Cockroaches, Ants, Rodents, Bird Control, Fish moths, Ants, Garden Treatments, Wood Destroying Termites, Wasps, Bees, Fly's Ticks, Mole's Weed Control, Flying Insects, Fogging and more. Our Pest Control experts make use of the most trusted and latest Eco-Friendly odourless treatments. No need to unpack or leave your place for us to remove those unwanted guests (Insects & Rodents). Our Pest management Process includes inspecting the affected areas, identifying the culprits, Eliminate pests and the threat of future pest infestations, Monitoring of the affected areas, and then finally maintenance to make sure n pests ever threaten your space again.

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Cockroach Control Southern Suburbs

We will happily eradicate cockroaches for you in Southern Suburbs becuase we know the health risks that come with a cockroach infestation. Our cockroack removal methods will keep you safe for the long term. These little bullet proof creatures like the heat and can usually spot them in kitchens, buildings, pipe ducts, inside cupboards and the garage. The most common cockroach removals we do is the German Cockroach and the American Cockroach, both very prominent in Southern Suburbs. Dont let your home our business reputation fall to a few cockroaches.

Rodent Control Southern Suburbs

Rats are sneaky little buggers where they can shrink their body to get to any small space. They are highly dangerous as they can carry harmul diseases. If you have a family or run a business, this can be very alarming for you, your children, guests and customers. We are experts in removing rats and mice through our specialised rodent control methods. Mice and Rate infestations are commin in Southern Suburbs becuase of the heat and waste. Let us do something about it before they multiply as they have extemely quick breeding talents. Let us control that rodent infestation.

Bed Bugs Southern Suburbs

We usually become aware of Bed Bug Infestions nasty bite. Bed Bugs can be transferred through travel and becuase Southern Suburbs gets allot of traffic, there are no shortages of bed bugs here. Bed Bugs like mattresses, wooden floors, carpets, cracks of furniture and more. We also offer Mattress Cleaning, Carpet Cleaners and Upholstery Cleaning

Termite Control Southern Suburbs

These are very well known as beeing the worst kind of pest that causes serious damage to your building if not managed correctly. We provide Termite Inspection , Protection and Extermination. Our trained termite experts will provide long term termite treatment services in Southern Suburbs

Fleas, Ants & Flies

Fleas are annoying at best and most common in a household with pets. House flies can be a real health risk and are known for transmitting diseases. Ants are attracted to food and we all keep food in our cupboards. Let us manage the infestations in a controlled way.

Bird Control

Birds persistance in your space can cause serious problems like attacking customers, property damage health risks. Birds can carry many things such as diseases, lice, biting incescts, fleas, ticks and lice. Species of bird proofing include Pigeons, Starlings, Seagulls, Sparrows and more.