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Johannesburg furniture movers and removals company is a company which specializes in the moving of long distance house moves and local moves for office and homes to and from Johannesburg. Our Turtlejar Moving Company provides an expert packing service, small moves, mini removals, big moves, office moves, residential and home moves as well as a long distance removal service for Johannesburg locals.
Did you know that South Africa’s J’burg or JHB is one of the fastest growing cities on the African continent? That in itself is a great reason to move to Jo’burg. Johannesburg also happens to be the world’s best climate; the weather is always mild, dry, and never humid! Nothing compares to Johannesburg’s amazing weather. Imagine rainy but warm summer afternoons, lighting storms like nowhere else on Earth and mild, dry winter months with plenty of sunshine. The City of Gold as many call it because it was built on gold mines welcomes families year by year! Nowadays they arrive not because of the gold rush that shaped the life in the city ages ago, but because of the booming economy and cultural diversity that Johannesburg offers.
Turtlejar furniture moving company is available to provide you with professional furniture removal and moving services. We offer office and home furniture removals to this gold city. We are amongst the highest trusted moving companies in Johannesburg. We also provide cleaning services in Johannesburg for your pre and post occupational deep cleaning needs. If you need pest control services in johannesburg we can also help you.

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The economy of Johannesburg is a thriving one. This city is your kind of place if you want to kick-start your career! When it comes to employment, a skilled worker won’t face any troubles finding a job, and the economy is promising for creative professionals and freelancers too. Johannesburg’s has attractive places to visit and mind-blowing activities to offer. Areas like Maboneng and Bloemfontein boast great restaurants, art galleries, and bars, and guarantee a day well spent in the city. Trying to decide what to do in this vibrant city can be overwhelming, you can visit popular places like the Apartheid Museum, or take a trip to Lion Park; you can also go to Nelson Mandela Square, visit Croc City Crocodile and Reptile Park, or have a grand time at Gold Reef City. You’ll never get bored! If it’s not a new restaurant opening, there’s definitely an art exhibition you haven’t yet seen. There are also tonnes of outdoor attractions and sights to see. Your chances of getting bored in Johannesburg are slim. From upmarket nightclubs to grungy bars and shebeens, Johannesburg really has something on offer for everyone – whether you’re after a relaxed evening in a trendy bar or a live jazz band in downtown Jozi. The city comes alive at night. Turtlejar furniture movers will help you move your office or home furniture to this beautiful city so that your family too can enjoy the grand lifestyle Jo’burg has to offer. We also provide effective cleaning services through-ought Johannesburg which includes Johannesburg carpet cleaners..


There a variety of choices when it comes to education and schools in Johannesburg. Here is a full article for education and schools in Johannesburg. There are many government-run public schools of varying quality, independent private schools as well as international schools. Government schools such as King Edward’s School and Parktown Boys are excellent. The standards of schools in the city are generally in line with high-quality schools in the West. Some of the best schools in Johannesburg include St Stithians College, St John’s College, St Mary’s School, St Peter’s, the American International School of Johannesburg, Charterhouse School, and Horizon International High School. In case you are you planning to be one of the many families in Jo’burg by any chance, we are here to provide moving service for you and your family. Do not fail to contact us if you plan on doing some furniture moving, we will give you the very best offers.

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