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What place in South Africa is quiet and peaceful yet close to the city? Let us inform you of Edenvale found in Gauteng, a city of Johannesburg. Are you in need of an urban location where you are not disturbed by the noise of the city – its hustle, bustle and rowdiness? Edenvale is the place for that lifestyle. Little wonder it is name EDENvale. The atmosphere in Edenvale gets one relaxed and calm. Its a nice place to cool off and live.The town is recognized as one of the settlement areas of South Africa. However, Edenvale is very close to parts of Johannesburg which presents an opportunity to try out fantastic fun activities. The town gives settlement options for both the middle class and wealthy.
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Would you like more details about Edenvale? Edenvale is situated in the Eastern area of Gauteng in the country. It is a town with much less activities when compared to its surrounding towns. Edenvale was founded in 1903 after the Anglo War. At the time, it was a small settlement which was majorly populated by mineworkers due to its proximity to the Rietfontein Gold Mine. Around 1942, Edenvale was made a municipality. In 1995 it was joined with areas like Rabie Ridge and western part of Tembisa. Economically, the town has experienced quiet a large share of growth and expansion. The province in which Edenvale is found(Gauteng) is the single largest contributor of the national GDP of south Africa. A number of malls have been erected. It also holds a good number of townhouses and complexes. However, the abrupt expansion of infrastructure has made quite a number of businesses liquidate.


Edenvale has a number of private and public schools to meet the educational needs of a growing child. Some schools include; Edenvale High School, Dowerglen High School, Holy Rosary School, Sandringham High School. St Benedict’s Catholic School for boys and many others. There are not so many places of interest in the town. However, some popular attractions around the town for leisure and recreation around the town includes: Greenstone shopping Centre, Satyagraha House, Arts on main, Melantia Travel, Acrobranch Huddle Park, Aspire Lounge, Sandton Convention Centre, Constitution Hill, and so on. Some sporting activities can be carried out in the Edenvale sports club, Edenvale Action Sports Arena. Carbon Sport Performance Concept and lots more. Turtlejar furniture moving company knows the links of this town. Let us be the company that moves your furniture. Some cool things to do in Edenvale

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