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Are you planning a move to the Western Cape specifically Durbanville? Durbanville Community is known for its wide farmlands and wine manufacturing plants. The Ville is also known as the Wine Valley. It has a rural feel which makes it very welcoming for everyone including tourists. Of course, most persons will love a calm area filled with vineyards and large farm yards. The excitement in Durbanville area doesn’t stop there, it also presents to its visitors a chance to explore wild lives and try some sports like Polo.
When it comes to health, the water supply to this city is said to have a very high quality, so you have no need to fear for your health. Even with all these, Durbanville still has the lowest crime rate in all of South Africa. It’s no wonder why you are moving there. We also provide effective Durbanville cleaning services, Durbanville carpet cleaning, Durbanville upholstery cleaning, End of Tenancy Cleaning, Deep Cleaners and Pest Control Services.
Do you have furniture you want to be moved? Let a moving company near you make the furniture removals and moving to the northern suburbs easier and stress free. Turtlejar furniture movers in Durban are available to provide you with the professional furniture removal services you deserve both for your office furniture removals, as well as your home furniture removals to any location in the peaceful Durbanville community.

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Durbanville is a town in the Western Cape province of South Africa, part of the greater City of Cape Town metropolitan area. Durbanville is a rural residential suburb on the northern outskirts of the metropolis and is surrounded by farms producing wine and wheat. Generally, traffic in Durban is quite moderate except on some occasions when it gets busy due to economic activities in the surrounding cities. When it comes to education, Durbanville education is of good quality, and is majorly dominated by high schools and pre-schools. Some public high schools include Durbanville High School, Fairmont High, Stellenberg High. Durbanville also has a good number of Primary schools which includes the following Durbanville Preparatory, DurbanVille Primary, Eversdal Primary. For recreation, the valley has some sports centres like the Durbanville sports ground, Zero 21 sports Bar and Lounge, Totalsports and much more. In Durbanville, most activities are related to the winery. However, there is a riding centre for lovers of horse riding, a quarry, a cinema for movie lovers. One could also be a mountain biker or do some wine tasting. Durban Ville is really a rich and cultural place to visit. Do not fail to contact us if you plan on doing some furniture moving and get the very best offers.


Let’s see more about this wonderful Valley. Durbanville was designated in 1652 around a fresh water spring and founded with the name Durbanville in the late 19th century. It served primarily as a watering station for travellers between Cape Town and the interior. In the early 19th century, a church was built close to the village by a group of local farmers and was known as the Dutch Reformed Church. The name Durban was given to the town as a symbol of honour for the governor of the cape colony at that time. Later on, at the close of the 19th century in 1897 the name Durban Ville was given to this community to avoid confusion with a major sea port in South Africa which is called Durban. The cost of living in Durbanville is quite okay for the average family. A summary of the cost of living in Durbanville showed that a four-person family has an approximate monthly expenditure of R24,700 without rent. A single person’s monthly expenditure without rent is approximately R7,150. It is ranked as the 406th highest cost of living in the world with a cost living index of 37.80. The economic activity in Durbanville includes tourism, manufacturing and business services sectors. This has created quite a number of jobs for the locals. Durban Ville shares the same economic atmosphere as most of Cape Town. Some popular locations in and around Durbanville include; • Willowbridge Shopping Centre • Durbanville Golf Club • Tyger Valley Shopping Centre • Table Mountain • Parow Golf Course • King David Golf Club • Cape Town Shopping • Cape Town International Airport • Tyger Waterfront

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