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Welcome to claremont, a suburb of the Province Cape Town. Claremont is a hub for commercial activities while providing homes to thousands of its residents, Claremont is also in walking distance to some of the best schools in Western Cape like Rondebosch Boys High, Bishops, Rustenburg etc.. Are you a fan of the nightlife and lover of some good sports like horse riding? Claremont is the place that you get you those. Enjoy great cuisines, classic bar services and refreshments while you live in this area. This is the heart of the suburb and is the home of the modern life.
Turtlejar moving company has grown its networks into the heart of Claremont over the years by gaining a vast experience with numerous clients who have had their furniture moved within and out of the town. If there is furniture removal and moving company in Cape Town you can trust then it is Turtlejar. We get the moving done into this city of relaxation and commerce with ease.

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Claremont is situated about six miles south of the city of Cape Town. The suburb can be found along the Lansdowne. The beautiful Claremont dates back to the nineteenth century discovered it was discovered. Originally, the inhabitants of this area engaged in farming activities. The major part of the 19th century for this area was dominated by agricultural activities. Due to the takeover by the British, it became a turned into a residential area. After this period, the new residential area began to see some growths, roads were constructed and other important infrastructure was built. Claremont became a suburb when several municipals where brought together to form the city of Cape Town. The suburb is filled with commercial activities in the present day. Examples of businesses in the city include Oasis Association, Coimbra Bakery, Brenner’s Stores, etc. Claremont is equipped with enough facilities and amenities of which education is part. Thus, it is no surprise that it is home to a number of schools with high standards of learning. Examples of such schools include Claremont Primary School, Claremont High School, Claremont School of English, and International School of Cape Town.


Economically, the commercial activities in the city is having a good impact on revenue generation, thus facilitating economic stability and growth. It’s no wonder that Claremont is home to many businesses. The cost of living in Claremont is moderate for the average family. Some popular locations within and around the Suburb are; • Discover Claremont – Convention & Visitors Bureau • Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden • Claremont Place Senior Living • Graber Olive House • Claremont Museum of Art • Padua Hills Theatre Do you want to engage in some outdoor activities when you go to this city? If that’s the case, here are some activities you may love; enjoying some cocktails at the suburbs’ classic bars, visiting the park and gardens, doing some shopping at the magnificent Cavendish Shopping Centre, and much more. Some sport location you may also love are; Kempton Sports, The host Indian Restaurant and Sports Bar, Rains Athletic Centre etc. Claremont furniture movers and removal services are ready to do your moving. Simply contact us today. Some awesome activities to do in Claremont.

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