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These rodents can multiply and breed very quickly and so first signs of mouse infestationse should be taken seriously.They are active little pests and can do damage to your property and materials, they can also spread diseases, contaminate food, leave droppings and pest like irritations. Mice Control efforts taken into your own hands can put your health at risk and would suggest you rather use professional mouce control experts who underatnd the ins and outs of mice removal. They have also been known to start fires by biting through electrical wiring throught he house. We cover Residential Homes, Commercial, Restaurants, Hotels and businesses in Cape Town. We keep to the latest mice treatment methods and also make sure to use the latest mouse control technology. These rodents can become part of your family in a negative way which is cause for concern if you have children due to the bacteria, parasites and dieseases they can transmit. Mice are different to their Rat cousins but can cause devastation in their groups. Let our pest control company take care of these rodents for the long term. We regularly come accross the House Mouse (Mus Musculus) and the Field Mouse (Apodemus agrarius) species. Our Pest Control Services are available in all parts of South Africa inclduing Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East Lodnon and more.

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We cover all mice species whether you are in residential, commercial, industrial, schools, hotels or farming.

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We provide multiple ways in which to get rid of mice (all species) in homes, guest houses, offices, restaurants, businesses and more. We also provide tips to keep them at bay.

How to get rid of Mice?

Our specialist Mouse Exterminators are trained to completely eradicate mice on your premises whether that be Residential, Restaurant, Commercial or Business. We use the latest Mouse Treatment Methods for total Mice removal including Latest in Rodent Bait technology. Some Diy methods do work however they usually never work to eliminate the source of the mouse infestation. You can start by blocking off all entry points into the premises, use mouse traps, buy mouse bait over the counter and place strategically, bait stations and can make use of cats ans they enjoy a good hunt.

Mouse Control Prices & Costs

Our transparent mouse control prices are affordable and transparent. Prices are dependant on the size of property and how infested your home or premises is with mice. Treatment will usually consist of Bait Traps, entry point sealing, cleaning and repairs. We will inspect, Treat and place traps. Our Professional Mouse Exterminator will do follow up visits to guarantee total eradication and removal of the mice. Our mice removal prices are super quick and will send it over to you via email or phone, whichever you prefer.

Mice Infestation Signs, Symptoms & Control Tips

First obvious sign of a mouse infestation is the deteriation of destruction of your wires, food and property together with mouse droppings. The best way to proof your property from these rodents will to make sure they cannot get in by closing all entry points. Mkae sure your home or premises is spotlessly clean with no food waste hanging around. Make sure the gaps in your roof are totally sealed as this is a favourite entry point for mice. If you go through your entire premises and there are no more gaps and cracks for them to get in and they are still appearing, might call the mouse control specialists. There are over the counter poisons and traps you can buy but we definately would suggest you get a seasoned mouse control expert in to eradicate the source.

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