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Hygiene and Sanitization is a not a luxury but a priority in order to take care of the wellbeing of our guests, employees, family and customers. Whether you are in Retail, Industrial, Commercial, Guest Housing, Homes, Private Estates, Schools, Restaurants or Offices, its your responsibility to ensure their ongoing safety. Thats where we come in with our Hygiene and Management services in order to put you at ease. Our professionally trained technicians install, maintain and manage the onsite hygiene equipment including sanitary bins, paper-towel dispensers, seat sanitisers, liquid soap dispensers, sanitisers, air-fresheners, hand towels, hand dryers, abulution cleaning and more. Let us provide you with the right environment to eliminate threats including the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Microscopic organisms, viruses, fungi, algae, dust mits, mildew, germs and more.

  • Certified Disinfectacts for Viruses including COVID-19
  • Customised Hygiene Services Cape Town
  • Toilet Hygiene Services South Africa
  • Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers
  • Hand & Seat Santizers
  • Sanitary Disposal Bin Service

Hygiene Equipment & Management Services South Africa

See some of our most popular requested hygiene services in SA.

Sanitary Bin Dsiposal
Sanitary Bins
Hand & Seat Sanitizers
Paper Towel Dispensers
Liquid Soap Dispensers
Air Fresheners
Hand Towels
Hand Dryers
Abulution Cleaning
Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers
Toilet Hygiene Service
Wipe Dispensers
Eco-Friendly Detergents
Residential Services
Commercial Services
School Premises

How We work

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Request a time and place for the Inspection in order provide accurate quote.

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We provide affordable hygiene solutions with top level management service.

Install, Clean & Maintain

We install the hygiene equipment, provide effective santizing and disinfectant cleaning services and then we maintain and manage.

Home, School, Offices, Industrial, Retail & Commercial Services

Our Hygiene Managment service includes a comprehensive and thourough list of checks in order to provide the very best long lasting hygiene environment. Our Cleaning Services provide deep cleaning of all bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, basins, urinals and general disinfectant services monthly. Regular inspections will be taken to ensure the cleanliness of the areas.

  • Home, Office, Commercial Sanitizing & Disinfectants
  • Deep Cleaning after Service