Mother Nature is calling

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser South Africa

Turtlejar provides a smart and beautifully designed hand sanitizer range for commercial environments. Touchless Hand Sanitizer dispensers have notoriously had a bad rep for being boring and un-inspiring, We have changed that, allowing the range of dispensers to add visual value to your work place. Coupled with an eco friendly and natural disinfectant that is 100 times more effective than bleach at destroying almost all known pathogens. The primary ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid which our bodies produce naturally to fight infections. The product is 100% safe and is even widely used to wash food. We have branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Sanitize with style.

Elegant, beautiful and cost saving with efficient use of the disinfectant that will last you longer.

  • Perfect for commercial businesses
  • Made in South Africa
  • Non-Toxic and All Natural
Non-toxic Sanitiser

Our All Purpose HOCL cleaner is non-toxic and contains no preservatives, allergens, frangrances, alcohol, respiratory irritants and skin irritants which is truly environmentally friendly.

Upgrade Brand Style

Our Sanitizer Dispensers are beautifully and elegantly designed promising to upgrade your business image and style. We invite customisations for commercial orders

Hypochlorous acid (HOCI)

Hypochlorous (HOCI) is the best natural weapon against germs, viruses and pathogens. Locally manufactured in South Africa and the best part is, its 100% safe for food, humans and pets.

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Eco-Friendly Hand Sanitizing Products.

Our unique disinfectant, sanitiser and all purpose cleaner all holds one common ingredient which is Hypochlorous acid. Scientists and Chemists around the world have worked hard to crack the formula of the super compound which is proving to be very effective to viruses similar to the coronavirus on hard surfaces. Therefore the Hypochlorous disinfectant products can be used against the COVID-19 in accordance to the treatment of the Norovirus and Rhinovirus type 16.

Hand Sanitize the Natural Way

Many people have not formed a habit to regularly wash their hands and unfortunately hand to hand contact is one of the primary ways of spreading germs. Hand Sanitiser dispensers that are beautifully designed that are placed in convenient places within the work place will entice and encourage people to sanitise their hands more often. Its also fast drying and therefore convenient for busy and on the go people. .

  • Effective hand sanitising solutions
  • Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly and used for washing food
  • Cost effective and Affordable

Touchless Technology for All Industries

Our hand sanitizer touchless technology allows for less risk in germ spreading. no need to touch anything for the sanitizer to operate. Motion sensor detect your hands and allow for effortless hand sanitizing. No paper towels needed due to the evaporation and quick drying of the sanitizer. Elegantly designed for any business and industry including schools, small to large businesses, hospitals, construction, retail, restuarant, food businesses, hotels and boom operated parking lots.

  • More than 100 times stronger than bleach
  • Non-toxic, safe for food, safe for animals and Affordable