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These flying insects are in our top annoying pests that are extremely persistant. The love our Cape Town summer and our fly pest control team are out in full force in these months. Yes they are nuisance but they can also carry a bunch of diseases such as Cholera, Conjunctivitis, Dysentery, Gastroenteritis, Salmonellosis, Tuberculosis, Typhoid fever and a Parasitic worms. Fly infestations can become very serious if you have a family home with children, business, restaurant, food business, office with customers and commercial buildings. Fly Fumigation, Exterminator and treatment is vital if you notice a fly gathering due to the quick breeding habits of these flying insects. Some fly species we encounter are the House Fly (Musca Domestica), Bluebottle Fly (blow fly), Cluster Fly, Fruit Fly, Drain Fly, Horse Fly, Fermentation Fly, Flesh Fly, Sand Flies and Lacewings. Our Fly Control Company provides long term fly solutions such as the latest eco friendly insecticides and treatment methods. Our Pest Control Services are available in all parts of South Africa inclduing Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East Lodnon and more.

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We cover all fly species whether you are in residential, commercial, industrial, schools, hotels or farming.

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Fly Exterminator & Fumigation Tips

We provide multiple ways in which to get rid of flies (all species) in homes, guest houses, offices, restaurants, businesses and more. We also provide tips to keep them at bay.

How to get rid of flies?

Our pecialist Fly Exterminators are trained to completely eradicate flies on your premises whether that be Residential, Restaurant, Commercial or Business. We use the latest Fly Treatment Methods for total Fly removal including Fly Baits, Fly Spray, Insecticide Control, Fogging, Aerosol mist, Electric Fly Killers, Dusting Powders and Fly Traps. Our fly control treatments are no odour, safe and eco-friendly. We will do regular visits to keep the flies at bay. Also you can do your part by using the preventative methods mentioned above to ensure fly free zones in and near your home.

Fly Control Prices & Costs

Our transparent fly control prices are affordable and transparent. Prices are dependant on the kind of treatment you would like and how infested your home or premises is with flies. We will inspect, Treat, Place traps and Fumigate. Our Professional Fly Exterminator will do follow up visits to guarantee total eradication and removal of the flies. Our fly fumigation prices are super quick and will send it over to you via email or phone, whichever you prefer.

Fly Infestation Signs, Symptoms & Control Tips

First obvious sign of fly infestations are a constant gathering of flies in your home. Some others includie: Maggots, which are flies in their early larvae stage and could spell trouble for potential breeding. Small clusters of dark spots that you can find near to your light fittings, near to the corners of your room, under the sinks and basins and areas that are hard to get to. Some preventative fly control preventative measure can be taken such as covering food and making sure its tightly sealed, making sure the garbage bin is properly shut, clean all sticky or sweet liquids on the counter, keep compost closed, making sure your gutters are free flowing, bleach treatment in drains with flies, regularly clean up after your pets and making use of chickens can also remove fly larvae and pupae from your garden.

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