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These crawling insects can be a big nuisance if not exterminated effectively. Cricket Infestation can come out of nowhere with a single female pest abeing able to lay between 150 and 400 eggs at a time which means your home will be overun out of the blue. Their eggs lay in the soil through the entire winter. It is however the males that make all the noise when they are on the lookout for a mate. These little menaces like to come out towards the end of summer or early autumn. Cricket Pests can be a pain and nuisance to a family home, business, food business, industria or any commercial space. They can keep you up at night with their sounds, destroy your clothing, damage your garden, damage linen as well as cause damage to your property structures. Some tips to keep crickets at bay include keeping your lights off outside, keep windows and doors closed, seal off cracks and entry points into your home. Our extermination service also makes sure to take care of. We are available in main areas of South Africa including Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East Lodnon and more.

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